Who we Are
Friends of MHMRA of Harris County was established to enhance and
expand the services and supports provided by and through the Mental
Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County.
As the need for mental health services became apparent in Texas and with
the increase in population, the states leadership saw the value in creating
agencies that would develop a responsive system addressing the services
to people with mental illness and cognitive and developmental disabilities.
In 2005, MHMRA of Harris County served over 30,000 Harris County
residents with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

MHMRA of Harris County believes that persons with severe mental illness
should be able to live in homes of their own, develop relationships, work,
and remain out of hospitals and jail.  Persons with cognitive and
developmental disabilities should be able to acquire the skills and access
community resources to develop networks of human relationships, learn,
work, and live in environments of their choosing. MHMRA of Harris County
works with these people so that they may live in dignity as a fully
functioning, participating, and contributing member of our community.
Mission Statement
The Mission of Friends of MHMRA of Harris County is to help build
services to Harris County residents with severe mental illness and/or
cognitive and developmental disabilities.
"We are looking for friends like you!"
Friend's Corner